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“I've always used directories to find surveyors before, called them up and got quotes, which usually takes about 30 minutes in all. I’ve never had any problems before, so couldn’t see the point in using Surveymyhouse – it would make the process more time consuming. I was wrong, right from the start Surveymyhouse saved me time – I only had to complete one easy to fill in form which got sent to various local surveyors. I then got questions and quotes back from them, checked out their ratings and profiles and instructed one of them. It was really quick and completely took the guess work out of the process, which directories don't do.” Given during TRIAL TESTING.

Richard Howell MRICS


“Whilst we are very confident in the quality of service we provide there is always a concern that a feedback feature could be used unjustly against our business. However, I was pleasantly surprised how fair and transparent Surveymyhouse’s feedback mechanism is - if you do happen to receive unfavourable feedback from a client you have the ability to give your reasoned side of the story, so everyone looking at your profile can see the full picture. The really great thing is you only get feedback from clients who you have actually done a job for and as we work extremely hard to provide the best service to our clients we've got nothing to hide and I think it will only help build our reputation.” Given during TRIAL TESTING.

Dan Ballard, Halls


“I wasn’t expecting Surveymyhouse to save me money, because I thought I’d have to pay more for a survey as they pass any charges onto me. But it’s such a neat system and is totally fair - the surveyor only pays when they actually get a job – so they can reduce their advertising expenses and pass the savings onto me, simple!” Given during TRIAL TESTING

Ryan James


"Although I liked the idea of finding a surveyor online, I wasn’t sure what guarantee Surveymyhouse could give me that the surveyors on their system were good quality. It was only when I read about what information surveyors are asked for during their registration that I felt more comfortable using them. Add to this their feedback system and I’m fairly confident that you’ll get a high standard of service from the surveyors – but if I don’t I’ll definitely let everyone else know about it on the feedback!" Given during TRIAL TESTING

Bryn Allpress


“Choosing a surveyor can be difficult and time consuming, not only comparing different quotes but also making sure that your surveyor has the right qualifications and experience to undertake the work required. takes the pain out of the finding a surveyor, enabling you to easily compare the profile, feedback, qualifications, references, specialisms, and of course fee quotes from any interested surveyors, making the choice easy." Given during TRIAL TESTING

Tom Bartlett MRICS


I would just like to let you know my thoughts on the Survey My House service that I have recently used for the first time. Although a slightly different approach to how other similar providers operate I did find the web site and indeed the whole process straight forward. Having responded to a request for a survey my quote was accepted within a couple of days. The site allows applicants to post link details of the property which is useful to enable accurate quoting.

Jonathan Bevan MRICS