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How does the Surveymyhouse feedback system work?  Find out more here.



What is feedback?

Feedback is an assessment of a surveyors work given by a customer after a job has been done. Only genuine customers who have used the surveyor instructed through the Surveymyhouse website can leave feedback on them.  It’s an important tool for customers to build a surveyor's reputation and make them accountable for the work they have done.

How does Feedback work?

Feedback provides a trail of a surveyor’s performance which gives the next customer valuable information upon which they can base their hiring decision.  By holding a surveyor accountable for their work, it incentivises them to do a job to the best of their abilities.  By constantly improving a surveyor’s performance, feedback will ultimately lead to a better customer experience.

My job has been completed by the surveyor, how can I leave feedback about them?

After the surveyor has completed your job, simply log into your account, find the surveyor and leave a rating (either positive, neutral or negative).   Just remember you can’t leave any feedback until you’ve hired a surveyor through the site, so click the ‘Accept this quote’ button if you haven’t already done so.  Once the surveyor agrees to the job, and the job is complete you can leave them feedback by clicking the ‘Leave feedback’ button.

What should I base my feedback on?

Feedback should be an honest, objective and impartial evaluation of the work done.  To help you decide on what level of rating and feedback you leave the surveyor for your job, consider some of the following elements of customer service:

  • Quality of work

  • Reliability and trustworthiness

  • Value for money

  • Time keeping

Remember to look at the big picture, and don’t place too much emphasis on just one of the above elements.  Your feedback is taken very seriously by surveyors, it can help build their reputation and enhance their chances of getting further work through Surveymyhouse.

What comments should not be included in my feedback?

You should avoid including the following in your feedback:

  • Comments that do not relate to the job

  • Personal contact details

  • Unprofessional, inappropriate or offensive remarks

How can I be certain the feedback is genuine?

All feedback comments undergo rigorous manual checks. Feedback can only be left once a surveyor has been hired through the site and a transaction has taken place. We will investigate any suspicious feedback and will permanently remove those persons from Surveymyhouse who try to take advantage of the system.

Once the feedback has been posted can I edit it?

No.  Once feedback has been left, it cannot be edited or removed by you.  This is to prevent any fraudulent changes taking place as a result of threats to you.  We reserve the right to remove any feedback which we can’t be confident is authentic.

I hired a surveyor through the site and have got a problem, what do I do?

If you’ve got a problem with a surveyor, been let down or have a dispute, we recommend following the below steps:

  • Discuss it with the surveyor to see if you can reach a solution that suits both of you. The majority of surveyors want their customers to be happy and will be keen to resolve any issues amicably.

  • If you can’t reach a solution, we recommend leaving feedback.  Please be aware that surveyors have the right to reply to any feedback posted to the site.  Their responses are posted directly beneath your feedback.

  • If you are unable to resolve an issue, you might want to seek further help or advice. A good starting point is to check if your surveyor belongs to any trade association or professional body.  These organisations generally have an established complaints process and will be able to give you guidance.

  • If your surveyor is not a member of a trade association or professional body, you can contact the government consumer advice service Consumer Direct, which is supported by the Office of Fair Trading.  Alternatively, try contacting your Local Trading Standards Office, who also provides help and advice.

  • If you are still unable to reach a satisfactory resolution, you may want to consider starting legal proceedings.  Be aware generally this is a costly and time-consuming process and should be used as a last resort.

Why has my feedback been removed?

Very occasionally we will remove feedback from the site. We take our feedback system very seriously and make sure it is up to a high standard and is genuine, impartial, honest, objective, and unbiased.  All feedback comments undergo rigorous technical and manual checks and if we can’t be confident of it’s authenticity, we will remove it.